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Turf Enhancement

For thicker, greener turf, golf courses use a spring application of PROMIN Plus to boost root health, plant density and overall turf health. Thanks to their unparalleled richness in humic acid, PROMIN Plus Earth products promote the growth of root structures, bolster the mass of plants and improve the overall health of turf. They also give turf a deeper color and a thicker, lusher feel... exactly what people look for as signs of top-quality turf. PROMIN Plus has a uniquely potent ability to bind nutrients in your soil, making them more available for plants and the microorganisms that support soil health. PROMIN Plus also improves soil texture and its capacity to retain moisture.

Promin Plus Earth

Beautiful golf courses come from healthy soil. Use Promin Plus to improve overall turf health.

Lusher, Thicker, Greener!

Golf Course Fertilizer
Lush Turf
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