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Change Soil pH Quickly

98G corrects soil pH faster and more completely than aglime. It is the most reactive liming material because it's made from 98% pure calcitic limestone and ground to an ultra-fine powder before it is pelletized. 98G pellets are engineered and manufactured to a specific size and hardness so that the pellets handle well and spread uniformly, yet break down in the field to change soil pH. 98G is fully reactive at about three to six months after application.

Maintain Soil pH to Consistently Maximize Yield

Once soil pH is restored, use 98G to maintain pH levels with more frequent, lower rate applications. Leaving yield on the table is unacceptable, and maintaining proper soil pH is a critical piece of good fertility management and maximizing yield.

Ease of Application Flexibility

98G can be applied in flat-rate or variable-rate applications. It can be mixed with other dry fertilizers reducing the number of trips across the field and spread spring or fall. This flexibility means you can address soil pH when and how it works for you with the same equipment used to spread other dry fertilizers.

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