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Experience Superior Sulfur Release with our S04 Product

Sulfur is an essential component of plant growth, with key processes relying on sulfur like chlorophyll formation and protein production. It is often considered the fourth major nutrient behind N, P and K.

Our S04 pelletized gypsum supplies a strong initial release of sulfur followed by a steady supply throughout the growing season, delivering the right of amount of sulfur to perfectly match plant needs for yield-maximizing plant growth. S04 is mined and manufactured from one of the purest gypsum sources. Our product is finely ground and pelletized to achieve a balance between solubility and pellet strength.


Use an application of S04 for stronger plant structures with more vibrant colored blooms. Horticulturalists use S04 products to boost soil microbial populations, improve soil texture and water retention, stimulate the uptake of nutrients and promote plant growth. And they reap the rewards: increased crop yield, healthier plant structures (roots, stems, leaves, flowers), and notable increases in fruit and vegetable production.

Our S04 product can be mixed and are compatible with most nutrients and other treatment agents.

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