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Do you have worms? One of the best soil tests you can do for yourself, is to look for visible soil life. The earthworm is a good indicator of a well-balanced soil. As a labor force, the earthworm has few equals. The earthworm churns the earth into rich topsoil by blending vegetable matter from the surface with mineral rich subsoil from below. The earthworm does not burrow, but eats his way through the soil. What he eats emerges in little clumps of dirt called "castings", which are deposited on the soil surface. Science has found that these castings contain five times as much nitrate, seven times greater phosphorous and eleven times more potassium that the original soil the worm passed through his digestive system. Each mature earthworm casts up to about a half pound of humus per year. It is estimated that there are about fifty thousand earthworms per acre of good fertile land.

  • PROMIN PLUS - OMRI Certified

  • Promotes early root growth
  • Aids in disease resistance
  • Improves food:
    • Calcium content
    • Nitrogen utilization fixation
    • Plant vigor and strength

  • Contains PROMIN and PROMIN Plus all in one product
  • Increases microbial populations
  • Accelerates crop residue breakdown
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Enhances the following:
    • PH balance
    • Root count & root size
    • Nutrient take-up

PROMIN Products

Use PROMIN products to revitalize your soil and make your farmland, gardens, and turf as fertile and productive as nature intended.

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