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Hartz AG Products Story


Independence Food Summit in Millersburg, Ohio:



An educational seminar about the effects of Humic in soil and livestock feeds was held by Hartz AG Products. The special guest speakers were Michael Erdman from Black Earth, and Alan Hockstetler from Double H Whitetails.

Michael Erdman - Black Earth
Mike knows his soils, and filled us all in with the trends in the fertilizing industry.

Alan Hockstetler - Double H Whitetails
Al is the owner with his dad Ivan and has been using our feed and soil fertilizer for a year and saw great improvements in his herd of deer.



Proud Owners

John and Darlene are the proud owners of Hartz AG Products. John has taken over his Dad's legacy and continues to grow the company.

Healthy Soil

Hartz AG Products