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PROMIN Plus Earth to boost root health, plant density and overall soil health.

Thanks to their unparalleled richness in humic acid, PROMIN Plus Earth products promote the growth of root structures, bolster the mass of plants and improve the overall health of soil to maximize yield of crops. PROMIN Plus Earth has a uniquely potent ability to bind nutrients in your soil, making them more available for plants and the microorganisms that support soil health. PROMIN Plus Earth also improve soil texture and its capacity to retain moisture.

The Soil

Farms are focused on building up the organic constituents of soil. By improving soil texture, increasing water retention, providing available carbon to soil and promoting the growth of living cells (in the plants themselves and the microorganisms that contribute to healthy soil), PROMIN Plus Earth makes your farmland as fertile and productive as nature intended. Microorganisms living in the soil feed on organic matter. Organic matter is steadily replenished by residues of the plants, root system trash and organic matter applied to the soil. Proper fertilization of the soil replenishes life back into the soil.


Use a fall application of Hartz AG Products PROMIN Plus Earth to reinvigorate your soil over the winter. Farmers who like to get the most out of their land use PROMIN Plus Earth to improve crop health and total yield. The benefits of PROMIN Plus in revitalizing soil and stimulating plant growth are evident 'from the ground up'...from more vigorous roots and stems to healthier leaves to more robust grains, fruits and vegetables. Improved root mass & growth, enhanced nutrient uptake and availability, and higher crop yield & quality are just some of the many benefits PROMIN Plus Earth can provide.

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PROMIN Plus Earth
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